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Brand story

Brand Story

The most important thing for us is to be "happy".

穴澤 順之進

Representative CEO Junnoshin Anazawa

The reason for the founding

"What is true health?" This is the only thought of a doctor. Optimal AID took the first step in the face of daily medical care, thinking only seriously, "What can we do to prevent illness, not to cure it?"

What you can do as a doctor

The human body is made up of the accumulation of all daily habits. Many illnesses can be prevented with a little review of the bad lifestyles that are hidden in our daily lives.

The living environment is made up of various factors such as eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise habits, stress, and posture. However, improving the living environment that has become so ingrained is not as easy as it sounds. I would like to provide support for obtaining "true health" based on the knowledge gained in daily medical care. That passion is embedded in our products.

What you can do as a doctor

Why work now

Why work now?

Modern society is exposed to various environmental evils. We want to scrutinize and deliver what you need to protect your loved ones and your family. Optimal AID literally translates to "optimal support." The products of the aid series will show high performance according to the environment and each generation.

Commitment to products

The most important thing for us is to be "happy".
For that reason, the quality of the product is important, and the precise design by the doctor,
high quality Japanese materials, and safety.
We manufacture at a high factory.
We are sure that you will be satisfied with the uncompromising products
that have been repeatedly considered.
We promise to deliver products that can be used with peace of mind to all users.